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I figured it was time to begin a blog, as the company has been working for years on multiple projects, which are now about to start getting out to the world.

Many of you may not be aware of the fact that the company is now mostly focused on development in the blockchain space, but we are!

We firmly believe that blockchain-based services are going to be the future of the tech world completely. Therefore, to miss out on this, would be completely detrimental to any computer services or technology consulting provider.

The World WILL Run on Blockchain Technology.

Because of the belief above, the actions from Crowetic Computers, LLC. will be based around the overall idea that every piece of technology will be run with a blockchain based back end, in the near future.

Anyone who has heard of blockchain technology, has likely heard only of 'Bitcoin'... and while this was the FIRST blockchain platform, it most certainly isn't the only, and it most certainly isn't the most advanced.

Blockchain Technology is MUCH More Than Money

The use of Blockchain technology initially, was demonstrated by Bitcoin, which is built to be a 'currency'. In reality, it actually functions better as a 'store of value', whereas the term 'digital gold' fits quite well. However, the technology that Bitcoin introduced, brought with it MUCH more than a simple monetary system.

The technology is quite simply... an UN-HACK-ABLE DATABASE. Now, if you have any idea what the possibilities are of a database like this... you will begin to see the potential of blockchain tech.

We will help to demonstrate the possibilities...

Crowetic Computers, LLC. along with a team of VERY intelligent developers and contributors from around the world, hopes to provide many varying use case platforms both built around, of, and for use with blockchain based technology.

Initially, the development we have been working on for the past few years, will be such to give light to the varying possible options in terms of the running of a blockchain itself, and, along with that, the varying possible options for things to be built utilizing such a platform.

We have built a base layer codebase that can be 'cloned' to create essentially anything. But not just build it, build it in a totally un-hack-able fashion, utilizing ONLY peer-to-peer communications. Opening up doors that have never been possible before in technology.

Removing the middle-men

One of the key possibilitites of a blockchain-based system, is the idea that 'middle-men' of any kind, are no longer necessary.

Going with this theme, we create EVERYTHING in our platforms, to work directly person-to-person. This means there is no longer any need for anyone to 'broker' deals of any kind. Sales, services, transactions of any kind.

Further in depth regarding this idea, one can create a completely reworked economic model, built on a system with REAL rules, governed in any manner that can be thought of. With the governance being utilized by the blockchain with algorithms that guarantee it cannot be tweaked unless majority rules say it should, this gives way to systems unlike the world has ever seen.

Much more to come as I continue my blog series! Stay tuned!

see the latest information on the FIRST platform built with our 'generation 2 QORA codebase' here https://qortal.org

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