Welcome to Crowetic Hardware Development! We are your home of the ORIGINAL QORTector devices.

The QORTector Device - Full Desktop Computer System

The QORTector device is the original device built specifically for the Qortal Network and its users. It is meant to alleviate the need for configuration and setup of a typical computer, and replace that with a simple 5W5V device (takes as much power as your phone charger) that is pre-configured and ready to run Qortal!


What is the QORTector?

The QORTector is a 5W5V (as much power as a phone charger) device, build specifically to run the Qortal Network and to be a node therein.
It is also a Linux-based desktop that can be used for web browsing and other needs outside of Qortal.

4 Processor Cores

The QORTector may be a palm-sized computer, but it has all the processing power you will need for all of your computing needs! With 4 ARM-based CPU cores, everything you would do on your normal computer is possible on the QORTector!

8GB of RAM

Not only will you have 4 CPU cores with your QORTector, you will also have 4 or 8GB of RAM, making multiple processes able to run smoothly at the same time, and having more than enough memory for your needs with anything you plan to run.

500GB SSD Fast Storage

We chose to configure the QORTector with a 500GB Samsung SSD for reliability, faster performance, and peace of mind for the end users. SD cards are okay for use in the Raspberry Pi, but they are known for failing after about a year if used for an OS drive.

100% Open Source

With an OS based on Debian Linux, hardware based on Raspberry Pi 4, and a custom Kernel built specifically for handling Qortal and cryptographic processing!
The QORTector is built 100% open source down to the hardware level! You will not have to worry about what exactly your OS is doing 'behind the scenes' as everything is fully transparent and able to be viewed and verified. Qortal's codebase is also 100% open source!

QORTector Suite

A Full Desktop Computer - Replace Your High Power Use Desktop Machine or Laptop!

With the QORTector, you are not just getting a Qortal node device, you're getting a FULL DESKTOP COMPUTER with everything the typical computer user needs for their normal computer usage. Web browsing, email services, and any online service can be used (with more security than Windows or Mac) and multiple other features are included by default (or can be installed after purchase).

The flexibility of the QORTector will astound you! Devices are being shipped with the latest software version called Titan!

Every QORTector device is capable of running desktop programs, web software, web browsing, HD video streaming, and more. Virtually anything you can do on your existing computer, can be done on the QORTector! That along with the added cryptographic performance to ensure that the Qortal node will run flawlessly and any other cryptographic applications will run faster than a much higher power usage system.

Your Qortal Node

The QORTector is built specifically to be a Qortal Node - to run all of the software necessary for the Qortal Network. You will be able to do anything you can do on the Qortal Network, with a QORTector device. No need to install any software on your existing computers, and no need for large power consumption as is typical with most cryptocurrency mining. The QORTector is your Qortal Full Node with MINIMAL EFFORT NEEDED!

Multiple Case Colors Available

The QORTector case is custom built by the team at Crowetic Hardware Development with our 3D printers, and will be available in multiple colors: black, transparent green, transparent blue, galaxy grey, and more! Customers will soon be able to choose a color of their choice but at the moment, we will be shipping devices based on the colors we have ready.

Your 5 Watt QORT Minting Machine

Along with being a full node and giving you access to everything the Qortal Network has to offer, your QORTector can also be your QORT minting machine! Using the technology within the Qortal Network, and of course a sponsorship from another minter of level 5 or higher within Qortal, you can turn your QORTector into a QORT coin Minter! Let this low-powered device run for you 24/7 and earn QORT coins! All of this using only as much power as a phone charger!

Dual Monitor Support with 4K XHD Support

Even with the size of the QORTector, it can still support DUAL MONITORS at 4K resolution! The incredible advancement in technology allows the palm-sized Raspberry Pi 4 board to support dual monitors at up to 4K resolution, for those who prefer more desktop space on their systems.

Build or Buy - Your Choice

If you're technically inclined, we offer the QORTector cases separately for you to build your own QORTector. We do not currently offer a DIY kit so you will need to buy a Raspberry Pi and SSD elsewhere. Follow the Raspberry Pi 4 guide on the wiki for building your own. The concepts of Crowetic Hardware Development are directly in-line with the concepts of Qortal. Everything is 100% open source and available to the public. There is no licensing, no copyright, no patent, and no reason why everyone shouldn't have a QORTector in their home! Whether you build it yourself, or order one from us, we just want everyone to have this secure and powerful low-powered device, and be part of the Qortal Network!

Here at Crowetic Hardware Development, we feel that it is totally up to each individual how they conduct their own lives, including whether they purchase a device built by our company, or if they build it themselves. One should not be forced into buying a device from our company only. The device should be open source, and available to be built by anyone, OR available for purchase by us pre-configured. This is the philosophy we abide by here at Crowetic Hardware Development.

QORTector Gen 2 (8GB) (North American Version)


The QORTector device for customers in USA, Canada, and Mexico with Type A & B power outlet types. This package includes the standard CanaKit power supply.

PLEASE NOTE: You can order up to 4 devices with the same shipping cost. If you put more than 4 devices in the cart, we will send you an invoice separately for the shipping cost adjustment. Email us at qortal@crowetic.com for a custom invoice. Thank you!

ALSO NOTE – ALL SALES ARE FINAL – no returns will be offered at this time. Each device is tested prior to shipment for quality assurance. We guarantee no DOAs (dead on arrival). Thank you!



This package includes the standard 3A power supply. There is a different package available on our site with an upgraded GaN power supply if that interests you. The GaN offers over 3.5X more power supply than the standard 3A, which may be best for those looking to use the device for more than a dedicated minting machine (as some devices you connect to it can over trip the power supply). The QORTector Gen 2 device features a 500GB SSD storage, quad-core 32-bit processor, 4GB RAM, wireless networking, dual-display output, and 4K video playback! The Gen 2 comes with a Debian-based desktop OS (Linux) with a custom kernel ‘Brooklyn R – TitanPLUS Edition’ including a GUI addition making this the most efficient and ideal software for running a node on the Qortal Network. This package comes with a 40x10mm Noctua fan, dust screen, LED light, micro HDMI to HDMI cable, ethernet cable, and power adapter with power switch. We 3D print the cases ourselves with PETG material. The device is built to be plug-n-play so you should be able to connect it to power and internet, then be good to go! You’ll simply follow the QORTector Walkthrough on the wiki when your device arrives: https://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=qortector_walkthrough Please note: it is possible to access the QORTector Gen 2 remotely from your laptop or existing computer setup. This is not the recommended option without a monitor/keyboard/mouse at least for initial setup, as we cannot guarantee that your network and the device will be setup right to simply do the following: you’ll either need 1) admin access to your router, or 2) connect the Gen 2 to a monitor/keyboard/mouse to setup and locate the device’s IP address (and possibly make changes if there are unforeseen issues). At that point you can then configure ‘RDP’ remote access to your QORTector from another computer. It’s not hard to do and we have a help guide on the wiki to do so: https://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=how_to_rdp

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in

Please Read The Important Information Below!

Please note: due to international chip shortages QORTector price has been updated. We will lower the price again when possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Order processing may take up to 14 days depending on availability of hardware, until the company grows. Each device is TESTED PRIOR TO SHIPPING for 100% functionality and performance. This process requires a little extra time, but will ensure that every order will receive a perfectly functional device with no flaws or issues.

We will do our best to get every order out ASAP, but because we do not have a huge supply of devices sitting and waiting, each one is built as the hardware and time is available. It is our goal to eventually ship every device within 2-3 business days of order being made, however, it may take a little longer in certain circumstances. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we begin this exciting venture together for the Qortal Community!

The devices are meant to be used as a STANDALONE COMPUTER - this means if you are to use them in the recommended fashion, they will need to be connected to a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. They DO also have the ability to remote into, but this is NOT the recommended way to use the device, and will require more end user effort to get working in this fashion. Therefore, a keyboard/mouse/monitor connection is the recommended way to use the QORTector. We cannot guarantee that remote access will work perfectly for every user network, and every end user network configuration. We can also not guarantee every wireless network will work perfectly the first time. Depending on your network configuration, certain changes might be necessary for the QORTector to connect and function perfectly on wireless connections. Again, we will give as much support as possible to every user, but we cannot guarantee that every device will work perfectly on first attempt for every end user network configuration.

Every order is guaranteed against DOA shipments, as every device is individually tested prior to shipment and carefully packaged. Further details regarding the devices will be posted as they are decided by the company.

ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL - NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS AT THIS TIME - we will assist you as much as possible to get your device working, but we cannot account for every network config error on your end, etc. Every device is tested prior to shipping and is guaranteed to function.

WE NOW ACCEPT SOME FORMS OF CRYPTO - We currently accept BTC, BCH, LTC, BNB, DASH, DGB, DOGE, ETH, ETN, SMART, SOL, STORJ, XEM & XMR. This can be done during checkout with CoinPayments. We then convert to USD.

PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THE INFORMATION PROVIDED - We will be shipping your order to the name and address provided to us by PayPal or CoinPayments unless you send us an email and specify a differently. We will include a printed invoice for your order. For international orders, customs may require an invoice and a matching ID, so please think ahead! Email us at: qortal@crowetic.com

We are now using a shipping service called Shipito - We will adjust the shipping cost you paid if we find a cheaper option at the time we order the shipment. In most cases, the current prices are correct and cheaper this way. We are also finding certain regions in countries can have different rates.

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT REQUESTS TO CHANGE VALUE AMOUNT DURING SHIPPING - We have a worldwide shipping operation to conduct and will be doing everything professionally.

WE WILL NEVER SHARE YOUR DATA WITH THIRD-PARTIES - We promise your information is safe with us and will never be shared with third-parties. It will only be used for the purpose of processing your order and stored for record keeping as any business would need to.

Contact Information - G Factor will be your main point of contact. Feel free to reach out to him directly on Discord, Telegram, or by emailing: qortal@crowetic.com

QORTable - The Portable Qortal Node

QORTable is a portable installation of both the Qortal Core and Qortal UI for use on existing systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). We are in the process of developing the QORTable cases for the USB SSDs we will use for QORTable. Pictures and buying information will come soon, stay tuned!