Tech Consulting

Does your company have it all... except that 'techie' you can go to when you simply don't get the new technology of the day? That's where Crowetic Computers can assist YOU.

With our multiple completed projects, in many aspects of technology, it's the FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE that Crowetic has obtained that comes to bat for you in completing your advanced tech needs. Whether you just need to understand a new printer, or you would like to completely custom build a specific tech device you'd like to launch along with a new platform your company is building, we're here for you and you've made the right choice!

Custom System Builds

Customized computer systems ALWAYS run better when built by someone who truly understands the ins and outs of the building process, and what goes well together. Having the need met by the team at Crowetic Computers means you'll get a team with 60+ years of combined experience there for you to build you the absolutely perfect solution for your needs.

Customized computers, networks built from scratch, IoT devices built custom, nodes that run your home, security systems and surveillance, and much more is all possible under the professional experience of Crowetic Computers.

Even customized cooling systems for use in cryptocurrency mining operations now falls within our wheel house of 'been there done that' type expertise. We have completed our own custom built cooling system to run our personal mining facilities, and the costs were minimal, no AC required year round, and temperature drops of 20+C mean our system works better than expected! 

All of our systems and builds we complete come with a full guarantee that they will work out better than expected, or we will modify them so that they do. Our confidence in what we are able to accomlplish is very high, and we do not fail to attain higher than required specification completion on every project we take on.

Networks and Security

Crowetic Computers network and security experts are the best in the business. Leading your company into the wild internet world with the best possible backing.

There are always companies that need connectivity between multiple out of office workers, and systems for them to connect to the office LAN. These systems have been built by Crowetic multiple times in the past, and have always performed beyond expectations.

Do you have a slow connection? Maybe it isn't the connection itself, but instead, it could be that your network simply lacks proper configuration. Incorrect or out of date firmware or software on network devices can absolutely cause network slowness and connection issues. Crowetic Computers will guide you to completion of a secure and fast network, to make sure your business is running at optimal capacity. We allow you to do what you are good at, while we handle your tech needs.

Tech Designs and planning

Everything needs to be planned to be successful, including your technology and systems to meet technological needs. The better the planning goes, the more adequate the systems become in the end.

You wouldn't run a marathon without knowing how to run and being good at it, so why would you attempt to build out a tech related platform without the needed information, experience, and understanding therein to accomplish things in a top notch manner.

Crowetic Computers team has been around the tech sector for an incredible amount of time when taking all of its main consultants into consideration. This many-decade time spent hands-on in the field doing work, means that Crowetic Computers not only has the idea and process of how to accomplish things, but REAL EXPERIENCE in previously  accomplishing them. Most tech companies seem to put a lot of merit into having schooling and knowledge in a specific field, while not placing as much weight on experience... Thinking they can go accomplish something in the field because they understand the concepts related. This is exactly why a lot of tech companies are unable to actually complete jobs in satisfactory outcomes for their clients.

Many things are not what they seem to be, and doing things for real versus doing them in theory, in the tech world, are two completely different things. Having someone by your side who has DONE the job you are looking to do, is invaluable! Get someone like that from Crowetic, you won't be displeased!

Crowetic Computers - IT consulting and advanced technology - we got that!

Crowetic Computers, LLC has extensive experience in the field of IT and development. From initial setup on small local server/network configurations, to extensive multi-site interconnected networks with thousands of users, Crowetic Computers can help!

Like new technology? So do we! Here at Crowetic Computers, we believe that keeping on the cutting edge of the newest technological advancements keeps us ahead of the competition and able to provide more adequate and feasible cost effective and advanced solutions for our clients to make use of and come to a higher level of overall productivity and security.

Blockchain Technology - the future of tech

When you hear the word 'Blockchain' you immediately think of 'Bitcoin'. However, what most people aren't fully aware of yet, is that blockchain technology can do a LOT more than money. Crowetic Computers is working on projects, that aim to demonstrate this very fact.

It is the goal of Crowetic Computers to provide our clients with feasible solutions to upgrade their existing systems to blockchain based ones. Thus proving the idea that blockchain systems will run the future world in all aspects.

If your company has ever thought they would like to be on the cutting edge of tech for once, and not left behind... potentially a blockchain system to power one of your tech based systems in place, would allow you to become the future of your industry. Crowetic Computers will gladly assist you in the ideation, mapping, and development process to fulfill your needs and give you a platform unlike any other in your industry, putting you ahead of your competition by years in terms of advanced technology.

CryptoCurrencies - what's the deal?

Have you heard of bitcoin? Would you like to know more? Crowetic Computers can help you to understand why big banks and many others are investigating the potential of this new technology... help you to understand why your money might be better placed into the systems of such digital coins for investment purposes, and how to manage the taxes and such that you'll need to handle during tax time.

It is the opinion of Crowetic Computers that blockchain based money will be the ONLY type of money in the near future. The systems are so much more secure, and open at the same time, their merit in the financial space cannot be ignored.

Forex and stock trading is also surely to be placed onto a blockchain based system, allowing for automated markets that are open all the time, and more security than has ever been possible pre-blockchain existing.

Altcoins - There are multiple alternative coins (coins that are not Bitcoin) that exist now... and coming to a conclusion on the merit of these prior to investing into them, is a huge need. Crowetic Computers can guide you to the answers that will help you to adequately invest with confidence into various other projects, while at the same time giving you valuable tips that come with many years in the space, and knowing a lot of the key players out there. You are in good hands with Crowetic Computers at your side.

IT systems and existing technologies

Crowetic Computers, LLC's CEO has been in the IT and technology field for 16+ years, forming Crowetic Computers, LLC. in 2014 shortly after finding Bitcoin and learning the wonders of blockchain technology.

This experience will be put to use on any project you have in mind. Contracting Crowetic Computers, means getting the job done correctly.

Network and server configuration

Custom system builds

liquid cooled custom builds

security and pentesting

consulting of all kinds

much more!

Mining - 'powering' blockchains - the 'heart' of Bitcoin.

 The purpose of mining is not the creation of new bitcoin... That’s the incentive system. Mining is the mechanism by which Bitcoin’s security is decentralized. Crowetic Computers runs its own mining facility, distributed between two locations at the moment, and continuing to grow and diversify in algorithms mined, locations of facilities, and hashrate. Crowetic believes to be an essential 'backbone' to its own, and to many others' fundamental 'security' and longevity. Both in terms of financial security, (due to the rewards given from supporting and running the various blockchains with the mining,) and in terms of digital security, (from running various systems ON the blockchains which the mining is powering.) Blockchains are essentially unhackable secure encrypted databases (and in a PoW style blockchain system) mining is essentially the most important portion, or 'heart' of the projects it powers, without which the blockchain could potentially be attacked, or more easily taken advantage of via multiple game theory tested methods. Mining is also definitely the 'heart' of Crowetic Computers plethora of auto-profit-providing mechanisms, of which Crowetic is highly focused on creating for itself (and any interested clients as well.)

Mining can also be used for many other purposes, and to power other blockchain based services that provide necessary and widely available options for society.

Crowetic Computers is part of the first wave of companies to fully demonstrate the capability of Blockchain technology and its fundamental use cases.

In addition to the use case demonstration and functional provision that mining provides, a core mechanism to provide auto-revenue without the need for any clientèle, any continual manpower needs, and anything other than power and a good setup for running computer hardware... Mining becomes what Crowetic Computers calls 'the backbone' or the core of everything which is essential to progress into bigger and better things. Without its mining operation, there were many things that happened in the past that would have likely caused Crowetic Computers significant financial hardship... But due to the mining always continuing to provide that core of automated revenue for the company, Crowetic Computers was able to weather multiple storms without much hardship at all. 

Crowetic Computers is continually searching for, testing, and realizing new methods to have revenue that is 'fully automatic' and without need for much in the way of human interaction. Successful completion of mining setups, 'MasterNodes', and platforms built by Crowetic for use of clients that do not need constant human supervision, leave Crowetic in a unique position that doesn't 'classify' into the typical business classifications in terms of how they make their money. This may cause issues for Crowetic in certain cases, but it does not cause issues for its clients who may be interested in setting up similar auto-wealth-generating methods.

There are many things in the cryptocurrency space that both allow, and if done right, grow beyond belief, wealth generation. Understanding these systems, putting them into play, and ensuring their continual operation is something that Crowetic Computers is extremely skilled at. Helping others to be financially independent by making use of such methods and mechanisms is one of the company's fundamental goals.


Blockchain and the Future of the World

Demonstrating the further use cases outside of monetary and market-based systems, will be the next step in Crowetic Computers goals. It is the firm belief of Crowetic Computers that blockchain systems will run the entire world, its economy, and most all technology that runs within. From internet of things, to simple sales systems, to completely custom consensus and voting systems and more... Blockchain backed systems will replace everything we know today in technological industries.

Why choose us?

Getting assistance in building your Blockchain world with real people who have real world EXPERIENCE with Blockchain technology. From the base uses cases to the more advanced protection of, Crowetic Computers LLC will be there every step of the way getting you to your destination at your speed. Projects have never been easier

Real world Information technology computer expert and infrastructure engineer, with development teams and experts in all technology fields, you've got the right place to start you off with the tools you want for success

Financial Freedom and income generated by technology, that would allow you to be free of the 'ball and chain' of the 'day job' pursue your life make it better and build your world!

Contact us and find out! How you can make life changing decisions today

“A lot of people automatically dismiss e-currency as a lost cause because of all the companies that failed since the 1990's. I hope it's obvious it was only the centrally controlled nature of those systems that doomed them. I think this is the first time we're trying a decentralized, non-trust-based system.”

― Satoshi Nakamoto - Bitcoin creator